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Custom Metal Fabrication Since 1990.
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Custom Fabrication

ASM Industries has set itself apart from other industries as an expert in the metal working field. We are made up of a dynamic team of over eighty journeymen, apprentices, and general labourers who, with specialized skills and years of experience, have created a solid department devoted to custom stainless steel design, fabrication, and installation.

Our workers have experience working with a wide array of metals including iron, stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass, and aluminum, which enables them to confidently complete virtually any project imaginable. ASM also utilizes efficient methods and modern machinery in order retain its place in the crown of the industry.

Our expertise, methods, and wide range of experience are key to our success; however, it is the dedication of our team that drives the custom metal fabrication industry to turn ideas into completed projects. Our devotion has made ASM the benchmark for custom metal fabrication and design.

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